Customized gifts for everyone on your shopping list! Etched glass blocks, custom-designed for you!
Gift Certificate $10, $25, $30 $50, $75, $100

Gift Certificate $10, $25, $30 $50, $75, $100

Gift Certificate Need a last minute gift? Hate to go shopping?  

Who are you shopping for?

Newlyweds!?!?!? They can choose their Wedding Presents!
New parents?!?!?!? They can choose their Baby gifts!
Children?!?!?!? They can choose their own customized gifts!
anyone and anything.... You can find it here at lightbox gifts

Please leave email address of Recipient and I will email their gift certificate to them along with instructions on its use. If you want a paper gift certificate please send your snail mail address and it will be sent USPS first class mail to you.

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