For many people, their work desk or cubicle is their second home.  It’s the place where people earn an income, socialize with co-workers, refine their occupation skills and remotely manage the affairs of their home and personal lives.  Most people spend eight hours a day at their desk, while others spend up to 12 hours […]

Do not rush Sure, you are excited when you get engaged to the love of your life, but don’t make hasty decisions. Many brides and grooms rush and begin to make financial commitments without thinking through the logistics of what goes into planning a memorable day. Let everything sink in and wait for a few […]

Acquiring small amounts of decorations over many years can result in a significant collection of items that require storage.  Having a plan to store and secure your decorations can prevent stress and financial loss. Revealing smashed Christmas ornaments, lights or decorations can be heart breaking and slightly depressing; especially, if the items had sentimental value […]

In the modern era, we have access to many retail establishments that sell products that offer great birthday gift ideas.  Unfortunately, everyone has access to the same products, which makes it difficult to give someone a unique gift. Our superstore culture has made it convenient to quickly shop for last minute items.  The only problem […]