Personalizing Your Work Space: Enhance Your Desk, Cubicle or Office

For many people, their work desk or cubicle is their second home.  It’s the place where people earn an income, socialize with co-workers, refine their occupation skills and remotely manage the affairs of their home and personal lives.  Most people spend eight hours a day at their desk, while others spend up to 12 hours a day.

If you can relate to your office being your second home, then you probably also relate to the importance of personalizing your work space.  Adding a personal touch to your cubicle, office or desk is a great way to remind yourself of why you get up every morning and sacrifice your personal time to commute to work.  Displaying pictures of your family in addition to having decorative items that reflect your personality and character is more beneficial to you than you know.  A personalized work environment can help you have a great day and it can motivate you when you feel tired or stressed from work-related issues.

The great thing about your personal work space is that it’s an area that you can make your own.  Many people hang ornaments, display inspirational quotes and other decorative items on their desk and hang items on their office/cubicle walls, while others simply show off photos of their family.

When decorating your work space, it is important to always display items that are G-rated.  Also, it’s always a good idea to have an item that is different from everyone else; unique items can make a great conversation piece that leads to enhanced camaraderie between you and your co-workers; in addition, unique decorative items in your work space can make you feel special.

Many interior designers recommend for you to have decorations that are vibrant and bright-colored.  It is also highly recommended to have inspirational quotes that are easily visible.  Personally, I would recommend straying away from the pack and instead of only having an inspirational calendar (like most co-workers), you might want to consider purchasing something unique like a, relatively, small ceramic plate with your favorite quote or saying on it.

Regardless of what type of picture, ornament or inspirational quote that you might display in your work area, you should always make an effort to add a personal touch to it.  If your job does not allow you to decorate your work space, you can always purchase something simple like a handcrafted, personalized coffee cup with your name, favorite quote or picture on it.


Note: I’m not suggesting for you to over-due your work-area decorations.  I would hate for you to get fired because you created a distraction and impaired your productivity by completely covering your desk and walls with photos and decorative items.

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