Ten Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

  1. Do not rush

Sure, you are excited when you get engaged to the love of your life, but don’t make hasty decisions. Many brides and grooms rush and begin to make financial commitments without thinking through the logistics of what goes into planning a memorable day. Let everything sink in and wait for a few weeks after you get engaged. Then start to plan your wedding in a calm and well-thought-out way.

  1. Get the Big Picture

Envision the kind of wedding that you want and where you want it to be held.  Do you want to get married at the beach, at a church, on a boat, in a different country or outdoors? When you decide on your location, the next decision should be the theme of your wedding.  Deciding on a theme usually helps to organize the rest of the details, such as the décor, flowers and type of food.

  1. Have a ‘Wants’ and a ‘Needs’ List

Separate your ‘wants’ from your ‘needs’. Your ‘needs’ list will contain the items you need to make your special day a success, such as a wedding cake or a good photographer.  Your ‘wants’ represent the things that are optional, such as center piece decorations or gift bags.

  1. Know Your Budget

Do not spend a penny or book any services until you know what your budget is. This is where many couples can go wrong.  Many people have had the unpleasant experience of booking a venue or placing a deposit for services from a business that they could not afford.  It is very stressful to realize, after you’ve made a commitment, that you have exceeded your budget.

  1. Don’t Cut the Wrong Corners

Sure, your best friend or cousin may love to take your wedding photos, but will you be happy with the outcome? Unless they have experience as a professional photographer, the answer is most likely no. Always hire professional, licensed vendors. Save yourself a lot of stress and hire professionals who have a positive track record.

  1. Be True to Yourself

If someone gives you a suggestion for your wedding that you do not like, you can politely decline. This is your day.  You are not obligated to make others happy, and you should never feel pressured to include or eliminate an element of your wedding that will put a smile on your face.

  1. Try Not to Over Think

When you have made to make a decision regarding your wedding, do not go back and rethink it over and over again. This leads to confusion and mixed emotions.  Once you make a decision that you are happy with, check it off of your list and quickly move on to the next task.

  1. Do Not Be a Superwoman or Superman

Brides and grooms often get this idea that they can do everything. They will say, ‘everything will be perfect this way’ or ‘it’s more fun if I do it myself.  Most people do not realize that it takes an average of 240 hours to plan a successful wedding.  It is strongly recommended to get input and advice from trusted sources; especially, from an accomplished wedding planner.

  1. Do Not Multitask

Don’t bit off more than you can chew.  Attack each task methodically and within reasonable means. Your planning period should be from a year to a year and a half.  This will give you enough time to complete each item on your to-do list. Some things will take one hour to figure out, other decisions may take weeks or months.  The most important thing is to have clear goals and to focus on resolving each goal in a smart and effective manner.

  1. Personalize

Special touches are always memorable.  Make your wedding your own. The amount of money you spend is really less important than the thought and care that goes into your choice of details. Flowers from a neighbor’s garden, heirloom family pictures on display, family recipes used for the menu are all great ideas that reflect your creative mind.

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