Preserving the Integrity of Christmas Decorations with Smart Storage

Acquiring small amounts of decorations over many years can result in a significant collection of items that require storage.  Having a plan to store and secure your decorations can prevent stress and financial loss.

Revealing smashed Christmas ornaments, lights or decorations can be heart breaking and slightly depressing; especially, if the items had sentimental value or were costly.  Here are some ideas to help you store and preserve your Christmas decorations:

How to Store Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have a great reputation for lasting for many years and saving consumers lots of money.  However, the biggest problem with owning an artificial tree is finding a place to store it.  In addition, when you store an artificial Christmas tree, you have to account for insects, mice, temperature and other environmental factors, such as water damage and debris.  Let’s go over some recommendations for storing your artificial tree:

  • Disassemble your tree and store it in the box you purchased it in.
  • Keep the box away from moisture
  • Tree bags are also very effective for protecting your tree
  • Large plastic storage containers are very convenient and secure for tree storage
  • If you use a professional storage facility, make sure it has climate-control

Storing Fragile Decorations

Many Christmas decorations are very fragile, such as glass ornaments, ceramic ornaments and more.  The best way to preserve these precious items is by storing them in its original packaging.  That is because the original packaging is designed to protect and preserve flimsy and fragile products.  If you don’t have the original packaging, it is highly recommended to store fragile Christmas decorations in structured boxes or containers that can’t be crushed.

Wooden Christmas Items

Christmas decorations that are made from wood should be stored in a climate/temperature-controlled room, closet or storage facility.  Varying degrees of temperature and elevated humidity can quickly deteriorate wood products.

Wreaths, Lights and Garland

Lights and garland can become entangled and form insanity-inducing knots.  The best way to store these flexible items is with rollers or in specialized containers.  A cheap, DIY option is to wrap lights and garland around a flat item, such as a flat piece of cardboard.

If you have a creative mind or a flexible budget, you can come up with some pretty ingenious ways of storing your Christmas decorations.  Just make sure that the method you use is water-proof and crush-proof.  In addition, you should never put your Christmas decorations in hard to reach spots, for retrieving them might result in injury or damaging your valuables.  Christmas is a glorious and festive time of the year that should be as stress-free as possible.  Make sure that you’re able to enjoy the Holidays without the burden of spending hours trying to sift through Christmas decorations that were packed and stored in an unorganized and chaotic manner.

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